Farra Marine Limited

Engine Room & Pax Areas of Farra Orla

Safety Is
Our Focus

Class approved vessels –All our vessels are BV class, complying to the highest internationally recognised standards of build quality.

ISM –International Safety Management compliant, to ensure safety at sea and prevent damage to property, personnel and environment.

IMS –The company operates a comprehensive integrated management system that ensures all aspects of our daily operations are managed to ensure only safe, efficient and recordable tasks take place.

Monitoring –All vessels have a dedicated system that monitors fuel usage, vessel speed, vessel movement and motion providing real time data to assist the client and FarraMarine monitor efficiency. Monitor-Identify-Improve-Reduce.

ESG Policy –comprehensive ESG policy in place covering health & safety and environmental targets.

What We
Can Offer

1. Best in Class CTV’s – the company will only own and operate best in class CTV’s with the highest level of operational efficiency, flexibility and environmental standards.

2. Operational Experience – Highly experienced management team that can offer tens of thousands of hours of hands-on experience working on offshore wind farms around Europe and the UK.

3. Forward Planning – The ability to work with developers to forward plan CTV requirements and ensure best in class vessels are available for the project when required, including meeting ESG/sustainability objectives.